The Final Step

Creating jobs for people with physical disabilities in the Majority World.

The Final Step is another project by the founders of Cure International, who always planned to follow the hospitals with schools and jobs for the thousands of kids who received treatment.

Cure was the first step, building hospitals to provide lifesaving and life changing surgeries. Education is the next step by providing learning and skills. We are helping to build a school in Uganda, but we realized there are many more organizations building schools than there are creating jobs. As such, we are focusing instead on the final step, gainful employment.

We understand how important and dignifying a job is, especially for a community that has twice the unemployment rate of the often high national averages. The Final Step will be creating jobs for people with physical disabilities in the majority world, starting in East Africa.

Please connect, get involved, share our story, refer someone you know, or contact us if your business has work for us.

Working on laptop computer


Partnership Outsourcing: We pair a worker in East Africa with a company abroad, training them to fully understand the company's business and a variety of tasks, forging relationships and providing lasting employment, while delivering exceptional value.

Project Based: We are also able to provide project based business process outsourcing (BPO) fulfillment to leverage a larger number of workers to complete specific bulk tasks.



Businesses: Does your company have digital work that you need help with? We have a growing list of workers, a training center ready, and a variety of services we can offer like: social media management and analysis, comment moderation, transcription services, and text-from-image processing. We are also willing to try to develop a solution for your business needs. We know you understand the social impact this work can make, so please contact us to get started.

Workers: We are in open enrollment for people with physical disabilities, in East Africa, with computer and data entry experience.

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